Den ultimate forebygging

136 Den ultimate forebygging • Norske leger mot atomvåpen 1982–2022 Case 01 Bridging the divide: Crisis at the district hospital (A) Breaking the barriers (B) Case 02 Caught in the middle: Free circulation amidst conflict Case 03 The price of unhealthy working conditions: Sugarcane workers in Nicaragua Case 04 The day of the Berlin explosion: The humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons Case 05 Health impact of European refugee policies Case 06 Cultural awareness in times of Ebola Case 07 Structural violence: Understanding mother & child health and Ebola in Sierra Leone Case 08 Addressing domestic violence: The Bascomb Street surgery in transition Case 09 Under pressure: A different story about relief work in post-earthquake Haiti Case 10 Encountering victims of torture in a GP’s surgery Case 11 Is climate change the biggest threat of the 21st century? Case 12 Leadership for sustainable healthcare 12 Case Studies for group work and peer learning at: Case-based learning is a methodological learning approach in which students in groups try to understand a fictive or real case situation and to solve presented challenges. It enables active peer learning. Intended for doctors, nurses, public health workers, mental health practitioners, other health professionals, as well as students in these fields Teachers/trainers can access accompanying teaching notes. available cost-free 01 06 02 07 03 08 04 09 05 10 11 12 New from September 2015: Medical Peace Work III Strengthening Health Workers’ Performance in Violence Prevention and Peace Building 12 CASE STUDIES What is Medical Peace Work? Medical Peace Work is an emerging field of expertise in health work, violence prevention and peace building. Medical Peace Work is a partnership of medical organizations and teaching institutions committed to the development of this new field of expertise. And, Medical Peace Work is also a collection of learning and teaching resources for medical peace education. Teachers and students can access for free: 7 self-running and interactive online courses Model presentations Teaching notes Film archive Developed by the Medical Peace Work partnership 2014-2016 Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear Weapons Samaritan Austria State of Styria 4change Nuremberg General Hospital The Centre for International Health – University of Bergen Medact The Case Centre IPPNW Germany Medical Mission Institute Würzburg The production of the case studies was funded with support from the European Commission. Icons designed by Freepik available cost-free